Where to Find Sandbearer Wood in Genshin Impact

sandbearer wood

Want to recognize in which to discover Sandbearer Wood in Genshin Impact? In a behind the curtain examine making Dragonspine, Mihoyo’s surroundings idea artist Bu Yiding explains that Mondstadt and Liyue have been modeled after Spring and Autumn, respectively.

One of the quite Autumn functions of Liyue is the intense orange timber scattered thru the land. These timber, called Sandbearer Trees, offer one in every of many sorts of craftable wooden used for fixtures to your Serenitea Pot.

Here’s a better examine one of the maximum putting tree species in all of Teyvat, and in which to discover them. For a top level view on all of the timber, test out our different manual at the first-rate farm routes for wooden.

Maximize Your Inventory of Sandbearer Wood

To make the maximum from your adventures in Genshin Impact, simply “snatch it whilst you see it.” This has by no means been extra important, specially if you are attempting to accumulate your own home farfar from domestic in Version 1.5’s Serenitea Pot.

You’ll be rewarded for amassing all of the wooden to your vicinity (commonly even as out on quests or without delay after teleporting), as you may run out of crafting substances manner much less often.

Special note: Keep in mind, you may accumulate three portions of wooden from every tree. We endorse the usage of a polearm character, as they normally assault the fastest and could reduce returned on a few farming time.

Defining Features of Sandbearer Trees
It is stated that those timber can resist some of environmental conditions, such as droughts and torrential storms. The from time to time orange coloring of Sandbearer Trees makes them without problems substantial as compared to some of the different timber in the sport. Not each Sandbearer Tree is orange, however.

As a widespread rule of thumb, if you’re everywhere withinside the areas of Lisha or Minlin, maximum of the timber you’ll see are of the Sandbearer variety. These timber have a primary trunk and commonly 2-three massive branches pointing upward at a forty five diploma attitude from the base.

Where to Find Sandbearer Wood in Genshin Impact

Here are 4 regions in which you may discover Sandbearer timber and wooden:

*Tianqiu Valley.
*Guili Plains.
*North of Mingyun Village.
*East of Mt. Aozang.
This tree species is distinguished for the duration of Liyue, as a result it’s now no longer mainly difficult to return back across. That stated right here are a few widespread regions with brief get right of entry to factors to Sandbearer timber that you’ll be capable of without problems teleport near. Until you get used to the places withinside the photograph below, strive the usage of your in-sport Map Pins to preserve song of the first-rate regions.

Why Farm Sandbearer Trees for Wood?

You is probably thinking via way of means of now what the wooden you accumulate from Sandbearer Trees is simply used for. Well, if you’re keen on Liyue’s aesthetics and constructing designs, Sandbearer Wood is a key element for numerous of the Serenitea Pot’s large out of doors fixtures (along with gates, walls, buildings, and lamps).

As the sport progresses, who is aware of what different new makes use of woods may also offer. Regardless of destiny updates, we assure it’ll gain you to begin stocking up on it now!

Genshin Impact 2.three beta take a look at packages now open

Mihoyo is now accepting take a look at packages for the Genshin Impact 2.three beta. An assertion turned into made withinside the reputable Genshin Impact Discord server with some guidelines and phrases to study thru earlier than filing a take a look at utility. We’ve specific the whole procedure of making use of for a Genshin Impact 2.three beta take a look at utility below.

Before going thru with the utility procedure, make certain to enroll in the reputable Genshin Impact Discord server. You also are anticipated now no longer to leak any information. Ruining the revel in for fellow gamers can get you in critical hassle with Mihoyo, so don’t do it!

The closing date to use for the Genshin Impact 2.three beta take a look at is Friday, September 17, at 10 AM (GMT+8).