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Mogi solves the Yogi wanderlust dilemma with 1 simple design.

MOGI is a quick-connect yoga mat bag bicycle pannier which allows you to easily attach your mat bag to your bike rack. Effortlessly take your mat with you anywhere you ride. It's clip and go design make MOGI the only yoga mat bag you'll ever need for city life and adventure.

I love the material as it’s easy to get my mat in and out of! The fact that I can take use it on my bike is huge! I’ve been waiting for a bag to carry around on my bike and so glad Mogi is it!
— Kelsie Eggers, Alive in the Fire
With MOGI, I can take my yoga mat anywhere, to yoga with a view, yoga class, or anywhere around me to practice in nature. We have a saying in cycling that “Outside is Free”, why not take yoga to that level too?
— Christina Torres, City Girl Rides