Three Ideas That Will Take Your Quarantine Selfies to Next Level

Quarantine Selfies

It’s almost two years since the Covid-19 hit the world and people are still going through uncertain times. However, people are now aware of the effectiveness of the virus and understand how to take care of themselves and their loved ones during quarantine.

From the last month, coronavirus’ contagious and deadly variant ‘Delta’ is the center of attention as a massive rise in Covid-19 cases has been recorded across the world. As a result, governments have restricted people from going to public places like markets, beaches, offices, and so on, leaving no option rather than staying at home. 

So, the question is how can you transform these uncertain times into fun and loving memory? You might be getting thoughts like watching Netflix along with family or have dinner together. These activities are too common now, as coronavirus is there for nearly two years, and will remain there for a longer period. Therefore, the perfect way to get the best of this time is to go for quarantine selfies.

Here, we’ll ask readers a simple question: are you running out of ideas for quarantine selfies? You have done with all the poses you know? Or you don’t know how to utilize places in your home for perfect selfies?

Stop worrying because running out of ideas after staying months at home is normal. To help you out, we have gathered some amazing ideas so that you capture the best pictures. Are you ready? Let’s take your selfie game to new heights.

Use Pillow During Bed Selfies

Most people, especially girls, don’t use pillows while taking selfies to post on their Instagram account, making them look super flat. Using pillows will help you get the best selfies. How? When you use a pillow, it will lift your face a bit and make your neck’s angle better, avoiding a double chin.

Try Sophisticated Pull

The most trendy tip that will help you look divine is sophisticated pull. However, to make this type of selfie perfect, you need the right lighting. So, pick the spot in your home where the light hits directly on your face. It will improve the tones and shades of the picture, making it more effective than the normal quarantine selfies.

Look a Little Bored

Another significant way to take great selfies during the lockdown is pretending that you are bored. If you are a makeup pro and want to make your selfies stand out, just try this trick and you will get amazing results. However, don’t take it to the extremes. All you need to do is to give a little boring touch with a bare minimum smile while not looking at the camera.