Does your website give all statistical information about your website visitors?


Creating a highly responsive website is one aspect of developing a business. At the same time, understanding the performance of the site can help improve your business drastically. Such information on the performance shall help you redesign the website too. Moreover, the excellent idea of creating a website is to reach out to the maximum target audience. If you have to know whether it is happening or not, you need to get the statistical information quickly. But is your website triggered to offer such data?

This article will give you prime information about the statistical data required to develop your business. Along the way, you will also understand how it can help build your sales too.

Key Data To focus to Judge the Performance of the Website

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You may have a lot of digital marketing practices in place that increase traffic to your website. But do you know whether they are potential customers? Or at least, do you know how many people visit your site? These and much more data can be critical for you to work on business development strategies.

Category of People Visiting Your Site

General Article

Your product or service targets a particular set of audiences. Your website must be geared in giving the analytics so that it offers the data about the people who visit your website. While Google Analytics does a commendable job, you must be ready to trigger your website to get the information too. The type of information you can get from the ‘Audience’ column is vital. The age group, gender, and occupational status can help you know the kind of people who reach your website.

Time Spent on Your Website

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Yes, there are visitors, but knowing how long they spend time on your website gives a clue towards the product’s viability. Moreover, if you find many visitors abandon the website in a second or two, the information they are looking for is not available on the website. This data will help you alter the marketing campaign or check the movement and alignment of data on the website. If it does not match and the reason is apparent. You can redesign your website and increase the time spent by the customers considerably. The bounce rates must be significantly less to expect good sales.

Pages Visited By The Customers

This again gives a piece of valid information about the product or the Service they are looking for. This will make your think tank come up with a good product or service strategy to cater to the customers’ needs. Moreover, the details of the people who visited a particular page can be explicitly contacted to offer the Service.

Location of the Visitors

Location by Phone Number

If you have your business in India and someone from Australia is looking at our website does not create any business prospect unless you have an online delivery option or an e-commerce site in place. You can get to know the location of the people, and the campaigns that were run have targeted the right set of people. If there is a minimal sale in such campaigns and yet you see very few results, you can alter the product packaging or the pricing.

Visitors Interaction

How are the customers connecting with your organization if they reach your website? Firstly, knowing if they are contacting is essential. This data can be easily captured if your Contact Us page compels the customer to connect with you. 

You must get to know if your landing pages are performing well. There is no point in creating delectable video content, and the customers do not find any relevant information on the landing page. Moreover, the contact details on the landing page must be the right ones that can channel the customers with the correct information. 

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