Dealing With a Failed Attempt at NEET

Dealing With a Failed Attempt at NEET

An exam is a mere qualifier, a first step qualifier, rather. We pass in some exams, we fail in others, however, what is always constant is that we learn something from them. The realization must be that the objective of exams is beyond achieving results, a passion and a career milestone to be achieved. The focus must lie there as it is not essential that only one path leads to where you want to be, sometimes, there are other ways and opportunities too.

Whether we like it or not, competitive exams such as NEET have become a big deal today as it serves as the direct doorway, at least the first step towards your dream ambition, the noble medical profession. At times, though, our preparations are top-notch, results unexpectedly turn out to be bad due to various factors. This gets on to students who have sincerely prepared for the exam. While some of them take things in their stride in the right spirit, some do not.

How to Deal with Failure at NEET?

In today’s article, we discuss some points to focus on if your attempt at NEET has not been as expected or meritorious.

1. Figuring out the why’s

It is time to reverse the situation, there always will be a way. One must realize that it is okay to have a bad experience and be quick to pick up and move on. We must now sit down and analyse where we fell short in our preparation and prepare effectively next time so as to ensure history does not repeat itself. Even if you failed two or three times, do not stop trying.

2. Rectify mistakes, pick up a different strategy

The next essential thing to do after a bad experience is to learn from mistakes and prepare effectively the next time, with a different approach. Experiment with different strategies to come up with the approach that suits you best and yields desired results. Work on your mistakes, some of them could be a lack of enough subject knowledge, time management skills not being upto the mark, not being well-versed with NCERT content enough and so on.

3. Optimistic with the next attempt

Do not keep stressing the could haves and would haves. Rise above all those thoughts and bring in all the positivity in the next approach with a wide view to success. However, this does not mean you forget or ignore the negatives, it is overcoming the negatives.

4. Put your best foot forward

At times, stressing about the exam takes over your preparedness. So, even if you are well-prepared, just because you took that unnecessary pressure, you could have fallen short of performing better. Instead of worrying and being depressed, be confident and prepared to appear for NEET and reflect on your dedication and hard work. 

Failing an exam is not the end of everything. It does not make one less capable of achieving milestones in life compared to those who achieved success. It could open up a whole new world of different opportunities and possibilities which you would not have thought of. Overcome this phase and look ahead!

This was an overview of dealing with failure at NEET. Solve NEET sample paper and get access to other such important resources for your NEET preparation by subscribing to BYJU’S YouTube Channel.

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