Brand Ambassador Program

Step 1:Get The Bag

Buy the bag. Once you've received it, test it out and make sure you love the product. Once you've realized how much you love it, email us at and let us know that you want to be a brand ambassador. 

STEP 2:discount code

You'll receive a personalized discount code. This code can be used on our website for a 10% discount for your followers. 

STEP 3:Post Away

Take photos with MOGI in all kinds of places. Show us where you like to bike to with your yoga mat - the beach, the mountains, an outdoor class, the studio, etc and tell us why you love the product. Tag @mymogibag and offer your personalized discount code for the product. We'll re-post your posts to our page for additional exposure. We suggest posting a MOGI shot and your discount code at least every other week.

STEP 4:Get paid

Any time someone purchases a MOGI product using your personalized discount code you'll receive 10% of the sale. Since you are posting anyways, why not make a quick buck?

Let us break it down for you....


10% of followers buy a bag = 20,000 bags sold

Your cut of the sales = $80,000